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Chelan Hills FAQs for Realtors

Q.  Is "Chelan Maintenance Association" and "Chelan Hills" referring to the same entity?

A.  Yes.

Q.  What are the properties in Chelan Maintenance Association zoned?

A.  They are zoned R-1 Single Family Residential District.  Refer to the Municipal Code for the City of Chelan, Chapter 17.04.040

Q.  Does R-1 Single Family Residential District zoning permit short term vacation renting (renting for periods less than 31 consecutive days)?

A.  No.  Chelan Hills is not zoned a T-A Tourist Accommodations District.

Q.  How can I know if a property is within Chelan Maintenance Association?

A.  Go to the “Maps” menu on this website to see all the properties within the 4 divisions of Chelan Maintenance Association, which is also known as Chelan Hills.

Q.  What are the four divisions of Chelan Maintenance Association called?

A.  Riviera Chelan Division is also known as Division 1;  Chelan Hills Division 2;  Chelan Hills Division 3 and Chelan Highlands, also known as Division 4.

Q.  Where can I find Protective Covenants (CC&Rs) for each of the divisions?

A.  The four Protective Covenants are found on this website under the “Association Documents” menu.

Q.  When are annual assessments due to the association?

A.  By May 1st.

Q.  Who should I call if I have questions regarding Chelan Maintenance Association?

A.  Call the Office Manager at the phone number located on the Home Page of this website.

Q.  When a home is sold in Chelan Hills, does the previous owner give the new owner their Park Passes?

A.  Since the two wallet size Park Passes reflect the previous owner's name, those passes should be discarded.  The one vehicle parking pass should be provided to the new owners, if possible.  Should the parking pass not be given to the new owner, the Association office will provide a new parking pass along with two new wallet Park Passes to the new owner.

Q.  What should the purchaser of a vacant lot in Chelan Hills do prior to starting the planning for building a home?

A.  When a vacant lot is purchased and the owner's plan is to begin building a home, the owner will refer to the Architectural Document, located on this website under "Association Documents" under "Governing Docs & Policies", where instructions are provided regarding the building process.  All plans must be reviewed by the Association Control Committee PRIOR to submitting any paperwork to the city.  There is no time frame for building on a vacant lot.

Q.  Are the amenities of Chelan Hills (the parks) available to those who own vacant lots?

A.  Yes. 

Q.  Is there view protection when purchasing in Chelan Hills?

A.  Refer to the Protective Covenants for the neighborhood division you are considering a purchase.  Protective Covenants (CC&Rs) are located on this website under "Association Documents" under "Governing Docs & Policies".  View protection is also addressed in the "Architectural Document" in this same location.

Q. As an agent, how can I obtain financial documents, or meeting minutes which aren't made readily available online?

A. With a signed Purchase & Sale Agreement, financial documents can be provided. If a PSA is not available, the agent. seller, and/or buyer would need to follow the Documents Request Policy to obtain such documents requested.